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Can't find it?

Can't find it?

If you have trouble finding what you need then don't hesitate to contact us!

About Us

As-salamu alaykum  السلام عليكم

Haya Modesty Is a leading international, multi-channel brand with a proud British Heritage which trades across UK, Europe, America and Asia. Haya Modesty gives its customers around the world a unique, differentiated and exclusive mix of own international brands and concessions. In the UK, My Haya Shop leads the market in premium Abayas, Modest Wear & Hijab fashion and styles.  

Our Aim

We hope to encourage young women to embrace the beautiful modest wear with not just their bodies but with their hearts. We want them to feel liberated rather than oppressed. We aim to encourage young women of today to not feel embarrassed of their modest wear clothing but rather to wear it with confidence whether it be at work place, school or college.

We aim to offer the highest standards of customer service and always available to offer our support and help and make your shopping experience a pleasant one.

Shop in the comfort of your own home with our secure online payment facilities.

Many thanks for your time we look forward to serving you soon.

JazakAllahu khair